Manfred Hoffmann

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The integration of suppliers and customers into the supply chain is a constant objective for companies in a network of production resources, especially in the automotive industry. Complaints of OEMs and suppliers in this field of business must be processed with high urgency and precision by the complaint management. To allow an efficient flow of(More)
In the recent literature several measurement methods were introduced to characterize the V<sub>th</sub>-degradation of NBTI considering the recovery phenomenon. To our knowledge each method has a severe problem or at least a significant disadvantage. Either there are long delay times, the accuracy is not satisfactory or it is not possible to implement the(More)
The improvement of a Balzers Eldigraph KD-G2 gas-phase electron diffractometer, previously operated at the University of Tübingen, is reported. The diffractometer was equipped with a state-ofthe-art telefocus electron gun, and high-energy radiation-sensitive imaging plates were introduced as detector system. A differential vacuum pumping system separating(More)
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