Manfred Henftling

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The paper presents a flexible and efficient approach to evaluating implications as well as deriving indirect implications in logic circuits. Evaluation and derivation of implications are essential in ATPG, equivalence checking, and netlist optimization. Contrary to other methods, the approach is based on a graph model of a circuit's clause description(More)
Various satisfiability problems in combinational logic blocks as, for example, test pattern generation, verification, and netlist optimization, can be solved efficiently by exploiting the fundamental concepts of propagation and justification. Therefore, fault effect propagation gains further importance. For the first time, we provide the theoretical(More)
This paper presents an efficientapproach to path delay fault simulation. We accelerate fault simulation by more than one order of magnitude with a new speed up technique called path hashing. An intelligent path identification method allows to deal with circuits containing two orders of magnitude more paths than state-of-the-art tools. Using these techniques(More)
Path delay fault test generation for standard scan design is topic of this work. A twenty–valued and a nine–valued logic are presented that are best–suited for the generation of robust and nonrobust tests. The scan design is used in two different ways: functional justification and scan shifting. Excellent experimental results considering all functional(More)
Thas paper presents an eficaent method of handlzng a large number of paths dureng path-delay fault testzng. Instead of handlang the correspondzng set of sagnals, an adentafier as deraved fo r every path. W e handle up io three bzllaon paths because the memory requarement 2s only about three bats per path. Compared to former approaches, experzmental results(More)
In this paper we present a new and efficient method for path classification, i.e. for determining the set of functional unsensitizable or robust dependent paths. In a pre-processing step, the new method computes a minimal set of reconvergence regions that need to be considered for path classification. Functional sensitization is only performed for path(More)
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