Manfred Haider

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Brain potentials evoked by unexpected stimuli show a late wave-complex with peak latencies of 250–350 msec and relative large amplitudes (maximal 15–30 μV). This “orienting potential” is especially prominent in cases in which a motor reaction to the unexpected stimulus has to be performed. But it may be seen in some control cases without any overt movement.(More)
We critically review the various methods for assessing protein--calorie malnutrition. These tests are lacking in sensitivity and specificity, and currently no single one can be used as a reliable indicator of malnutrition. However, a combination of several of them can be used as prognostic indicators and are of help in selecting patients who may benefit(More)
In 31 anesthetized dogs, the distribution volume (Vd) of indocyanine green (ICG, Cardiogreen) was compared to that of Evans blue (EB), which is considered to represent plasma volume. Vd was computed from the injected amount of indicator and the indicator concentration in plasma at time zero, which was obtained by extrapolation of the monoexponential decay(More)
Due to the decrease of lead intake via inhalation route, the oral route, particularly from drinking water in cities with lead installations, gains relative importance. In two surveys a total of 288 objects were investigated and 1768 samples were analysed. The first series with 51 objects using a field experimental approach systematically investigated the(More)
The aim of the present study was to investigate the influence of various methods of storage on the Differences in Electrode Potential (DEP). For periods of 22 h each, 10 Ag/AgCl sintered metal biopotential skin electrodes were stored in 4 media: “dry”, in a 0.9% NaCl solution, in distilled water and in electrode jellies. When storing the electrodes in 0.9%(More)
In 301 patients admitted to an intensive-care unit because of acute myocardial infarction a prognostic analysis was undertaken, based on 21 parameters (history, condition on admission, laboratory results) and related to ultimate outcome. Although some parameters were singly of prognostic value, discrimination analysis markedly improved predictive value. A(More)
As soon as various stressors exceed specific thresholds they induce marked metabolic changes in the organism. In a number of studies these facts have been verified experimentally. In our investigations we were able to demonstrate that the pattern of stress-induced changes differs after single and multiple stress exposures and that metabolic alterations in(More)
Bei Bandarbeiterinnen wurde eine beträchtlich höhere durchschnittliche Pulsfrequenz festgestellt als bei Arbeiterinnen, die mit freien Tätigkeiten beschäftigt waren. Die durchschnittliche Differenz betrug 6 Hz/min und war statistisch signifikant. Weniger Unterschiede zeigten die Ergebnisse des neben der Arbeit durchgeführten Vigilanztests. Die Zahl der(More)