Manfred E. Beutel

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Neural substrates of behavioral inhibitory control have been probed in a variety of animal model, physiologic, behavioral, and imaging studies, many emphasizing the role of prefrontal circuits. Likewise, the neurocircuitry of emotion has been investigated from a variety of perspectives. Recently, neural mechanisms mediating the interaction of emotion and(More)
The objective of this study was to validate the German version of the Vertigo Symptom Scale (VSS) and to determine its ability to differentiate the type, frequency, and severity of balance disorders. The scale (34 items) was designed by Yardley and coworkers and has been already validated in its English and Spanish versions. 98 patients with organic vertigo(More)
BACKGROUND Major depression can be regarded as a systemic neurobehavioral disorder resulting from dysfunction of the limbic-cortical networks. The cingulum bundle represents a major association fiber tract of those networks. The aim of our study was to determine the association of brain structural tissue markers of the cingulum bundle and cognitive function(More)
This paper presents the Social Phobia Psychotherapy Research Network. The research program encompasses a coordinated group of studies adopting a standard protocol and an agreed-on set of standardized measures for the assessment and treatment of social phobia (SP). In the central project (study A), a multicenter randomized controlled trial, refined models of(More)
The purpose of the paper is to evaluate the psychometric properties of the impact factor as an assessment procedure. Detailed criteria regarding theoretical underpinnings, test administration, scoring and interpretation are applied. The impact factor appears to be of limited use for deciding which journals to subscribe. It is not suitable for evaluating(More)
The objective of this study was to validate the German translation of the International Index of Erectile Function (IIEF). The IIEF was administered to 59 patients with erectile dysfunction (ED), to 38 patients with Peyronie's disease and to 33 controls. All patients were investigated by standardized German versions of international questionnaires of(More)
OBJECTIVE The authors sought to test the hypothesis that in patients with borderline personality disorder, the ventromedial prefrontal cortex and associated regions would not be activated during a task requiring motor inhibition in the setting of negative emotion. Such a finding would provide a plausible neural basis for the difficulty borderline patients(More)
The purposes of the study were to compare treatment-related stresses of couples undergoing IVF or ICSI treatment (ejaculated, epididymal or testicular spermatozoa) and to identify sex differences and risk factors for depression. A one-year cohort of couples was retrospectively sent questionnaires on infertility and treatment-related distress and depression(More)
Excessive use of online computer games which leads to functional impairment and distress has recently been included as Internet Gaming Disorder (IGD) in Section III of the DSM-5. Although nosological classification of this phenomenon is still a matter of debate, it is argued that IGD might be described best as a non-substance-related addiction.(More)
OBJECTIVE To explore whether deficits are present in the mental representation of emotion signals and whether these are related to more general deficits in Theory of Mind (ToM) functioning test. To test this hypothesis in patients suffering from somatoform disorders, we used the Frith-Happé-Animations Task (AT)-an established ToM measure. We previously(More)