Manfred Dausmann

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"T\uring the past 3 decades significant advances have -"-^ been made in the surgical treatment of diseases affecting the aorta. Despite these important advances paraplegia remains a devastating complication of pro¬ cedures on the thoracic and the thoracoabdominal aorta.1"6 Paraparesis and paraplegia occur as a direct result of interruption of blood flow to(More)
Bronchogenic cysts (BCs) are uncommon congenital anomalies. Due to the inherent complications, the mere presence of a BC should warrant surgical therapy. Partial excision of these structures leads to recurrence. Complete surgical excision using a thoracotomy or video-assisted thoracic surgery is the goal. We report a case of recurrent bronchogenic(More)
We describe the development of a formal specification of the static semantics of Ada in form of an attribute grammar. This specification is complete, and was tested extensively with automatically generated equivalent Pascal programs. From this specification we systematically developed the semantic analysis part of our Ada Compiler Front End. We outline the(More)
In transforming the initial grammar given in [R-ADA] first all obvious ambiguities have been removed. Most of them arise from the use of the nonterminal type mark which is equivalent to name. The more severe LALR([) conflicts are the identifier list in declarations, indexed names and similiar constructs, the sequencing in declarative parts [Cro], subprogram(More)
Ada permits the overloading of enumeration literals, aggregates, subprograms and operators, i.e. the declaration of the same designator with different meanings in the same scope. This leads to difficulties during the semantic analysis of expressions and subprogram calls. For selecting the meaning not only the designator but also the types of its operands or(More)
In this paper we are concerned with the question how to organize a library of reusable components in order to support the reusing process. We argue that at least two concepts must be provided, allowing access to multiple libraries and allowing for the evolution of a component. We show how these concepts can be integrated into an Ada compilation system and(More)