Manfred Bruckmann

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In this paper, the design and testing of a new protection strategy for a matrix converter feeding an induction motor with a squirrel cage rotor is described. The new protection strategy with excellent overvoltage protection allows the removal of the large and expensive diode clamp.
In this paper experimental and simulation techniques are used to investigate the series connection of high voltage IGBT modules. An experimental setup with a power rating of 6.6 kV and 1200 A is established and used to analyze the circuit behavior in detail. An improved gate driver circuit in combination with an active overvoltage control enables safe(More)
In hard switching converters, power dissipation can be reduced by using high power device switching speed. However, fast turn-off of high current IGBT modules leads to high voltage transients for which the power devices have to be rated. In this paper, existing overvoltage protection schemes are briefly discussed and a new gate driver circuit with an(More)
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