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Thank you very much for downloading specification and development of interactive systems focus on streams interfaces and refinement. Maybe you have knowledge that, people have search hundreds times for their favorite novels like this specification and development of interactive systems focus on streams interfaces and refinement, but end up in infectious(More)
The amount of software in cars grows exponentially. Driving forces of this development are cheaper and more powerful hardware and the demand for innovations by new functions. The rapid increase of software and software based functionality brings various challenges (see [21], [23], [25], [26]) for the automotive industries, for their organization, key(More)
Among other domains, learning finite-state machines is important for obtaining a model of a system under development, so that powerful formal methods such as model checking can be applied. A prominent algorithm for learning such devices was developed by Angluin. We have implemented this algorithm in a straightforward way to gain further insights to(More)
Message Sequence Charts (MSCs) have gained wide acceptance for scenario-based specifications of component behavior (see, for instance, [IT96, BMR+96, Rat97, BHKS97]). In particular, they have proven useful in the requirements capture phase of the software development process. However, up to now, most development methods do not assign a precise meaning to(More)
More than twenty years of research have created a large body of ideas, concepts and theories for model-based development of embedded software-intensive systems. These approaches have been implemented by several tools and successfully applied to various development projects. However, the everyday use of model-based approaches in the automotive and avionic(More)
Service-oriented software systems rapidly gain importance across application domains: They emphasize functionality (services), rather structural entities (components), as the basic building block for system composition. More specifically, services coordinate the interplay of components to accomplish specific tasks. In this article, we establish a foundation(More)