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The amount of software in cars grows exponentially. Driving forces of this development are cheaper and more powerful hardware and the demand for innovations by new functions. The rapid increase of software and software based functionality brings various challenges (see [21], [23], [25], [26]) for the automotive industries, for their organization, key(More)
Thank you very much for downloading specification and development of interactive systems focus on streams interfaces and refinement. Maybe you have knowledge that, people have search hundreds times for their favorite novels like this specification and development of interactive systems focus on streams interfaces and refinement, but end up in infectious(More)
When developing hard-or software systems one starts with a collection of requirements. Most requirements arise due to the needs of the customer, others originate from design decisions and further constraints. Of course, the final system should fulfill these requirements. Besides general requirements like scala-bility and performance, there is often a large(More)
We introduce a method to describe systems and their components by functional specification techniques. We define notions of interface and interaction refinement for interactive systems and their components. These notions of refinement allow us to change both the syntactic (the number of channels and sorts of messages at the channels) and the semantic(More)
Model-based development becomes more and more popular in the development of embedded software systems in the car industry. On the websites of tool vendors many success stories can be found, which report of efficiency gains from up to 50% in the development, high error reductions and a more rapid increase of the maturity level of developed functions (The(More)