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The inhibition of ABC (ATP binding cassette) transporters is considered a powerful tool to reverse multidrug resistance. Zosuquidar featuring a difluorocyclopropyl-annulated dibenzosuberyl moiety has been found to be an inhibitor of the P-glycoprotein, one of the best-studied multidrug efflux pumps. Twelve 5-oxyisoquinoline derivatives, which are analogues(More)
The novel 3H-spiro[1-benzofuran-2-cyclopentan]-3-one skeleton has been made accessible by different routes. One- and two-step protocols lead to tricyclic and tetracyclic benzofuranones 2 and 3, respectively. A four-step synthesis to spirocompound 4 is described. The novel spirocyclic benzofuranones display modest to no inhibition of the human peptidyl(More)
Racemic boronate-imine and boronate-amine complexes 8 and 10, both featuring a stereogenic boron atom were synthesized from 2-amino-1,1-diphenylethanol (5) and characterized by crystal structure analyses. Proof of enantiomerism at the boron center for the novel boronate-amine complex 10 was established by separation of the enantiomers. Racemization barriers(More)
  • Hausärztliche Leitlinie, F. W. Bergert, M. Braun, H. Clarius, K. Ehrenthal
  • 2011
(Fachgesellschaften, Arztnetze etc.) selbst (bottom up) – im vorliegenden Fall von der hausärztlichen Leitliniengruppe Hessen gemeinsam mit der DEGAM – entwickelt. Sie werden nicht wie eine Richtlinie »von oben« erlassen (top down) (z. B. DMP). © [73]. In dieser Leitlinie wird der arriba ©-Score herangezogen, der sich auf die Framingham-Daten stützt und auf(More)
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