Manfred Bogen

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Principles of software evaluation can be used for quality assessment and measurement for networked services and distributed applications. A specific method for measuring important service characteristics is therefore presented. The method and the measurement procedure allows to compare the actual characteristics of service quality with the required(More)
The CamInSens system is a next-generation self-organizing video surveillance system that combines research being done in the fields of person-tracking, trajectory analysis, visual analytics, and self-organizing system management algorithms. Its purpose is the online threat detection by analysing anomalies in persons' trajectories. Therefore, robust(More)
This paper describes a realization approach to evaluate the best fitting service provider in the context of "The Digital Beethoven House" pilot project, involving the digitizing of a composer-referred collection of colored manuscripts and other sources at the Beethoven House Association (Germany). Practical hints for museums are provided on how to find the(More)
The retrieval performance of content-based image retrieval (CBIR) systems still leaves much to be desired, especially when the system is serving as an interface to an image collection covering many different topics. The problem of missing semantical information about the images leads to great numbers of false matches because of misleading similarities in(More)