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OBJECTIVE To investigate the effects of receptive music therapy in clinical practice. METHODS Receptive music therapy was individually applied via musical auditions, including five stages: musical stimulation, sensation, situation, reflection, and behavioral alteration. Following anamnesis and obtainment of consent, patients answered a first questionnaire(More)
This paper deals with the influence of metal cover planes close to SMD filter structures. The low-pass structures are used for EMC purpose and work in a frequency range of 100 kHz to 4 GHZ. It will be shown by measurement and simulation that a close cover plane changes the filter behavior significantly in dependency of the filter component used. For low and(More)
In this paper the influence of the winding layout of high frequency operated transformers on the core losses and also on the leakage inductance is investigated and verified by measurements. A method of summation is used which is based on an integral equation for the magnetization and based on these results, some design guidelines are derived in order to(More)
Magnetic devices are essential components in the field of power electronics. Exploiting the non-linear behavior of inductors and transformers offers the great merit of increasing the performance of switch mode power supplies. For instance, the light-load efficiency of a buck voltage regulator can be improved by using a non-linear inductor with stepped air(More)
It is necessary to take the parasitic elements of passive components into consideration in order to predict generated EMI noise of converters and power electronic systems. Parasitic capacitances in magnetic components usually form the major coupling path. Therefore these capacitances must be known in order to predict the noise generation by simulation. This(More)
The assumption of equal current distribution in parallel windings of coils may lead to a wrong loss prediction. An analytical calculation of the current sharing, which is based on both the frequency dependent resistances of the parallel windings and on the magnetic coupling between these windings, is introduced and verified by measurements.
This paper provides a polynomial approach applied to the Hodgdon model to describe the Hysteresis Loops of Silicon Iron (SiFe). The approach provides a closed-form expression for the branches of the Hysteresis Loop, which allows extensive parameter sweeps to adjust the parameters. Thus a huge number of variations can be calculated in a short period of time.
Since the usage of microelectronic components and IC's in electronic systems is growing year by year and reliability is always an issue, the designer has to be aware of possible failures of the components. The ESD (electrostatic discharge) phenomenon arouses more and more interest as these parts are sensitive to short time over voltages. Simulations to(More)
The main goal of this paper is the unified processing and calculation of 2, 3, 4-port filter data to obtain insertion loss (ISL), modal (common, differential) conversions from input to output, voltage or current transfer functions with the real line impedances. All calculations are based on nodal (single ended) scattering matrix measurements of 2, 3, 4-port(More)