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We recently reported that Riccardin D (RD) was able to induce apoptosis by targeting Topo II. Here, we found that RD induced cell cycle arrest in G2/M phase in PC-3 cells, and caused remarkable DNA damage as evidenced by induction of γH2AX foci, micronuclei, and DNA fragmentation in Comet assay. Time kinetic and dose-dependent studies showed that ATM/Chk2(More)
The analysis of dihydroptychantol (DHA) and its chemically synthesized macrocyclic bisbibenzyl derivatives (DHA1, 2 and 3) led to the selection of DHA2 as a potential drug candidate for ovarian cancer. The exposure of ovarian cancer SKOV3 cells to DHA2 resulted in the downregulation of the anti-apoptotic X-linked inhibitor of apoptosis protein (XIAP) and(More)
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