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Doctor blades are commonly used in paper machines in order to keep the surface of rollers clean. Due to higher demanding conditions, the requirements for doctor blades have steadily increased. The wear rates must remain low, while simultaneously their cleaning function has to be ensured. For this reason, the paper industry has developed a high degree of(More)
The human genome knowledge base (GENOMA-KB) platform integrates a variety of linguistic resources in a unified environment, independent from the origin and nature of the data it retrieves, thereby offering the visitor one sole access point for different heterogeneous sources of information. GENOMA-KB platform has been developed by Serveis i Plataformes(More)
The contents of this publication may be reproduced in print, except for commercial purposes, provided that the extract is proceeded by a complete reference to the Mercator European Research Centre on Multilingualism and Language Learning. Acknowledgements This report belongs to a research series on the " Added value of multilingualism and diversity in(More)
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