Manel Ribes-Dasi

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In this work, a LIDAR-based 3D Dynamic Measurement System is presented and evaluated for the geometric characterization of tree crops. Using this measurement system, trees were scanned from two opposing sides to obtain two three-dimensional point clouds. After registration of the point clouds, a simple and easily obtainable parameter is the number of(More)
—The optimization of most pesticide and fertilizer applications is based on overall grove conditions. In this paper, we propose a measurement system to estimate the foliage surface of a tree crop. The system is based on a ground laser scanner that estimates the volume of the trees and then extrapolates their leaf area using simple and fast algorithms to(More)
Field measurements of spray drift are usually carried out by passive collectors and tracers. However, these methods are labour- and time-intensive and only provide point- and time-integrated measurements. Unlike these methods, the light detection and ranging (lidar) technique allows real-time measurements, obtaining information with temporal and spatial(More)
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