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We consider the problem of incorporating security mechanisms into routing protocols for ad hoc networks. Canned security solutions like IPSec are not applicable. We look at AODV[21] in detail and develop a security mechanism to protect its routing information. We also briefly discuss whether our techniques would also be applicable to other similar routing(More)
Wireless Multimedia Sensor Networks (WMSNs) have emerged and shifted the focus from the typical scalar wireless sensor networks to networks with multimedia devices that are capable to retrieve video, audio, images, as well as scalar sensor data. WMSNs are able to deliver multimedia content due to the availability of inexpensive CMOS cameras and microphones(More)
In Content-Centric Networks (CCNs) as a possible future Internet, new kinds of attacks and security challenges -from Denial of Service (DoS) to privacy attackswill arise. An efficient and effective security mechanism is required to secure content and defense against unknown and new forms of attacks and anomalies. Usually, clustering algorithms would fit the(More)
In this paper, we address the channel assignment problem in a multi-radio mesh network that involves assigning channels to radio interfaces for eliminating the effect of wireless interference. Due to the insufficient number of frequency channels and available radios per node, interference is still present which limits the available bandwidth on wireless(More)
This paper proposes a key management scheme for MANET (Mobile Ad hoc NETworks) networks that uses asymmetric cryptography without requiring nodes to know the public keys of the other nodes and without requiring any kind of central server or certification authority. In addition, the paper presents a new method (" delayed verification ") to reduce the delays(More)
The new characteristics of Wireless Multimedia Sensor Network (WMSN) and its design issues brought by handling different traffic classes of multimedia content (video streams, audio, and still images) as well as scalar data over the network, make the proposed routing protocols for typical WSNs not directly applicable for WMSNs. Handling real-time multimedia(More)