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We investigated the sex- and size-related differences in the diet of whale sharks from the Arabian Sea (north-western Indian Ocean) using carbon and nitrogen stable-isotope analyses in white muscle. The samples were collected during the commercial fishing season between April and May of 2001 in Veraval (Gujarat, India). The overall isotope signature was(More)
Line-transect estimators were developed to assess abundance of coastal dolphins Tursiops truncatus and Stenella coeruleoalba encountered in low densities during aerial sighting surveys. The analysis improved on conventional approaches by objectively combining data from different species, survey areas and other covariates affecting dolphin detectability.(More)
The influence of protein depletion and repletion on the excretion of uric acid, urea, creatinine and free arginine as well as on the activities of xanthine dehydrogenase and arginase in Japanese quail was studied. Adult cockerels normally fed until the age of 42 days were kept on a protein free diet for 21 days and subsequently for 14 days on the previous(More)
The effect of hypokinesia, hypergravity achieved by centrifugation and additional weight load on the content and composition of proteins and nucleic acids in the chest and pelvic muscles of four groups of quails (Coturnix coturnix japonica) was studied. The first group was used as controls, the second included hypokinetic birds, the third was made of birds(More)
Activities of glutamate and xanthine dehydrogenases were measured in four groups of quails (coturnix coturnix japonica): 1) hypodynamic birds which were kept in an area which made 1/4 of the control, 2) birds exposed to an increased weight load, 3) birds exposed to 3g. and 4) control birds. The experimental birds were exposed to the above treatment for 1 to(More)