Manel Canseco

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Contemporary router/switch technology for high-performance local/system area networks (LANs/SANs) should provide the capacity to fit the high bandwidth and timing requirements demanded by current applications. The MultiMedia Router (MMR) aims at offering hardwarebased QoS support within a compact interconnection component. One of the key elements in the MMR(More)
In this paper we present the architecture and implementation of a hardware NIC scheduler to guarantee QoS on servers for high speed LAN/SAN. Our proposal employs a programmable logic device based on an FPGA in order to store and update connection states, and to decide what data stream is to be sent next. The network architecture is connection-oriented and(More)
The glycoproteins and polyanionic substances distribution on the albino rat hippocampus has been investigated during the post-natal development by using histochemical methods. It was observed that the Ruthenium Red and the Colloidal Iron disclose the existence of special neurons, the ones observed with Ruthenium Red being different from those shown with(More)
Hybrid electric vehicles, HEV, are an attractive opportunity to use new energy sources in road transportation, not only to minimize fuel consumption but also to reduce air pollution. Efforts are being made to improve the HEV electrical subsystems, such as electric motors, power converters, electronic controllers, energy management units, batteries, and the(More)
Nowadays, high performance system/local area networks (SAN/LAN) are filled by heterogeneous traffic, consisting of information flows with different bandwidth and latency requirements. The bottleneck produced by the throughput of network processing elements (servers, routers,...) and the increasing bandwidth of links, makes it necessary to propose new(More)
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