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Digital Factory (DF) aims at proposing simulation tools to design a product and its production system in parallel. Nevertheless, DF is marked by the multiplicity and heterogeneity of simulation models that are used, that slows down its usage in industry. We propose in this paper a conceptual model to manage the different simulation information created and(More)
Manipulation becomes harder when manipulators are uncertain about the preferences of sincere voters. Elicitation may communicate information, of sincere voters' votes, to a manipulator, allowing him to vote strategically. In this paper, a multi-round elicitation process, of sincere voters' preferences, is derived that yields to an optimal manipulation with(More)
In this paper, a comparison between two new approaches of flatness-based switching control of dynamical systems with variation of operating modes is proposed. For each model, a corresponding flatness-based controller is designed and consequently, a multi-controller structure is obtained. The localization of the process current model is carried out using two(More)
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