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INTRODUCTION Training residents to perform a PCNL puncture is hampered by the non-availability of a good inanimate model that can be used for demonstration and practice. The ethics of surgical training during actual surgeries is being questioned and the role of simulation is increasingly important. Virtual reality trainers, however, are prohibitively(More)
AIMS To introduce the concept that a urological Nurse Specialist can perform Suprapubic Catheter (SPC) insertions independently without significant complications, if systematic training is given. SETTINGS AND DESIGN Retrospective study. MATERIALS AND METHODS A retrospective audit of Suprapubic Catheter insertions performed by a Urological Nurse(More)
INTRODUCTION This paper attempts to verify the anatomical veracity of the belief that in order to enter into a posterior calyx one must aim for the medial calyx during a percutaneous nephrolithotomy (PCNL). METHODS Volume rendered and maximum intensity projection reconstructions of normal pelvicalyceal systems were assessed in various rotational planes.(More)
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