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The concept of spoofing focus on altering fingerprint, which become a serious issue concern of fingerprint recognition system. This project work brings a new approach to sense and detect fake fingers, based on the analysis of fingerprint pores and its extraction. Making fake fingerprint now days an open matter for identifying fingerprint systems. In this(More)
A One group pre-test post-test experimental study to assess the effectiveness of planned teaching program on knowledge of staff nurses regarding prevention of urinary tract infection among patients with indwelling catheter. The sample consisting of 90 staff nurses was selected by using simple random sampling. The tool comprised of structured(More)
This paper is based on the mistakes done by the human at the area of information system security. The new analysts of information safety have recently started to focus on the manual mistakes; Past researches show it to be a big part of issues in information security and maximum economic crisis are based on this problem. Now we did a small effective research(More)
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