Mandyam Kumaraswamy Reddy

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2-[4(2,2- Dichlorocyclopropyl )phenoxy]2-methyl propionic acid (ciprofibrate), a peroxisome proliferator , induced hepatocytes in the pancreas of adult male F-344 rats when added to their diet at a dosage of 10 mg/kg body weight for 60-72 wk. These cells are morphologically indistinguishable from hepatic hepatocytes and were usually localized adjacent to(More)
UNLABELLED Breast cancer, in India, is the second commonest cancer in females. Receptor status with ER/PR/Her 2 is now routinely done in patients with invasive carcinoma. The tumour suppressor gene, p53, is also present in most breast cancers. Proteins produced by a mutated p53 gene, accumulate in the nucleus of tumour cells and are detected by(More)
BACKGROUND Meningiomas are common slow-growing primary central nervous system tumors that arise from the meningothelial cells of the arachnoid and spinal cord. Human epidermal growth factor receptor 2 (HER2) or HER2/neu (also known as c-erbB2) is a 185-kD transmembrane glycoprotein with tyrosine kinase activity expressed in meningiomas and various other(More)
BACKGROUND Incidence of multiple primary cancers though uncommon, is being frequently reported now-a-days owing to better diagnostic techniques, the prolonged life span and the increased incidence of long-term survival of cancer patients. MATERIALS AND METHODS This is a retrospective study. Cases of multiple malignancies diagnosed histopathologically were(More)
BACKGROUND Solid pseudopapillary tumor of the pancreas (SPT) is a rare tumor of low malignant potential, mostly described in young women. MATERIALS AND METHODS In this retrospective study from January 2000 - December 2010, there were 50 pancreatic tumors. In this period, four SPTs were encountered, which were analyzed with respect to clinical, imaging,(More)
Melanoacanthoma is a rare lesion. Melanoacanthoma of external ear is still rarer. We present two cases of melanoacanthoma of external ear in adults which presented as pigmented growths and clinically were suspected as malignant lesions. Histopathology was diagnostic as it demonstrated the characteristic elevated lesion with abundant melanin pigment. No(More)
BACKGROUND Secondary central nervous system (CNS) tumors are common in Western countries, but in Indian literature, scant data are available. With the advent of newer imaging techniques, the confirmatory histopathological diagnosis has become comparatively easier. Hereby, we have analyzed our data from a single tertiary care center in south India. (More)
The myxoid variant of chondrosarcoma is usually seen in soft tissues where it is known as chordoid sarcoma or parachordoma. Rarely, it involves bone and when it does, cranial bones are the preferred location. This tumor is frequently amalgamated with the chondroid variant of chordoma, especially when the lesion occurs in the sphenoid bone/spheno-occipital(More)
INTRODUCTION Malakoplakia is an unusual chronic inflammatory disease. Malakoplakia of the bladder and ureter is quite rare. CASE PRESENTATION We present a case of a young male diagnosed as malakoplakia of urinary bladder and ureter. He presented with bilateral hydroureteronephrosis. The patient underwent left ureterocystotomy. Again, he was admitted after(More)