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Dreams in the Shadows: Vietnamese-Australian Lives in Transition
Explores the experiences of Vietnamese immigrants in Australia. Description What is it like to be a refugee in a country that has a completely different culture from your own, where you feel Expand
Out of Control: Emergent Cultural Landscapes and Political Change in Urban Vietnam
This paper plots the recent changes in the uses of public space in Hanoi, Vietnam. It is argued that the economic and social changes in contemporary Vietnam have paved the way for a dramaticExpand
Moving Landscapes : National Parks and the Vietnamese Experience
This study examines the range of Vietnamese understandings of the natural and cultural environment both in Australia and in Vietnam. It documents the differing experiences ofExpand
Transitions in taste in Vietnam and the diaspora
This paper argues that food and styles of eating have become the predominant markers of social change for the Vietnamese in both Vietnam and in the diaspora. In post-socialist Vietnam the transitionExpand
Young women and emergent postsocialist sensibilities in contemporary Vietnam
The material we have collected for analysis is from interviews in Hanoi as well as from popular texts newspapers magazines films and internet sites. From October to November 2001 and November toExpand
Dislocations of desire : the transnational movement of gifts within the Vietnamese diaspora
Gifts have intrigued and challenged scholars ever since interest in the subject was piqued by Marcel Mauss who, in 1925, wrote the book The gift: The form and reason for exchange in archaicExpand
Public spaces/public disgraces : crowds and the state in contemporary Vietnam
This article argues that a semantic shift in the crowd in Vietnam over the last decade has allowed public space to become a site through which transgressive ideologies and desires may have an outlet.Expand
Vietnamese in Australia
Vietnamese-Australians live in Australia, a large island continent. The physical contrast between Vietnam and Australia is remarked upon by many Vietnamese in their migration stories. Whereas VietnamExpand
Generate : Youth Culture and Migration Heritage in Western Sydney
Executive Summary This report is the first in-depth exploration of identity and popular culture among Middle Eastern and Asian youth. It documents preliminary research findings on the contributionExpand