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We have obtained stable lead isotope and lead concentration data from a longitudinal study of mobilization of lead from the maternal skeleton during pregnancy and lactation and in which the newly born infants were monitored for 6 months postpartum to evaluate the effects of the local environment on lead body burden of the infant. Samples of maternal and(More)
This study questions the traditional, historical view of the Indian as a compulsive gambler. Eleven northern Iroquoian gambling games were examined in both their secular and sacred environments. The analysis demonstrated that social gambling served to establish economic parity within, and between, the ritualistic gambling associated with many ceremonies was(More)
BACKGROUND Social cognition and executive functioning difficulties following acquired brain injury have been linked to negative employment outcomes, such as demotion and loss of vocational roles. These are very counter-intuitive and challenging difficulties for other employees and work supervisors who have little or no brain injury knowledge, whose(More)
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