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BACKGROUND Adverse health effects associated with diesel exhaust (DE) are thought to be mediated in part by oxidative stress, but the detailed mechanisms are largely unknown. MicroRNAs (miRNAs) regulate gene expression post-transcriptionally and may respond to exposures such as DE. OBJECTIVES We profiled peripheral blood cellular miRNAs in participants(More)
BACKGROUND Prior research has shown that removing occupational asthmatics from exposure does not routinely lead to significant improvements in respiratory impairment. These studies were of limited duration and factors determining recovery remain obscure. Our objective was to evaluate residual respiratory impairment and associated sputum and blood biomarkers(More)
Flow cytometry to identify leukocyte sub-populations in blood and induced sputum in asthmatic and healthy volunteers exposed to diesel exhaust Objective To identify five leukocyte types (in blood and induced sputum) and bronchial epithelial cells (in sputum only) using multi-colour flow cytometry in healthy and mildly asthmatic volunteers exposed to diesel(More)
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