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In the presence of 100 mM Tris buffer (pH 7.5) and 1-10 mM Mg2+ EcoRI endonuclease cleaves DNA at a specific nucleotide sequence and in a characteristic way: -GAATTC-. But if Mg2+ is replaced by Mn2+, the specificity of the cleavage is relaxed and cleavages occur at many other sites; moreover, there appears to be a hierarchy of cleavage rates at the(More)
Single-atom substrate modifications have revealed an intricate network of transition state interactions in the Tetrahymena ribozyme reaction. So far, these studies have targeted virtually every oxygen atom near the reaction center, except one, the 5'-bridging oxygen atom of the scissile phosphate. To address whether interactions with this atom play any role(More)
Most microarray slides are manufactured or coated with a layer of poly(L-lysine) or with silanes with different chemical functional groups, for the attachment of nucleic acids on to their surfaces. The efficiency with which nucleic acids bind to these surfaces is not high, because they can be washed away, especially in the case of spotting oligonucleotides.(More)
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