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The aim of this study was to examine whether crowns fabricated from machinable blocks would achieve acceptable aesthetics and whether these could compete with the aesthetics of restorations obtained by individual layering technique. Fourteen patients, who were to receive single anterior crown restorations, participated in this study. For each person two(More)
PURPOSE This study examined the retentive forces of intracoronal precision attachments after wear cycling. MATERIALS AND METHODS Three material combinations of an intracoronal cylindric T-attachment were tested. A total of 10,000 separating and joining movements were performed, and retentive forces were measured. RESULTS Components made of gold alloy(More)
When previously using Cerec 3D, the occlusal surface could be designed according to morphologically functional aspects with the aid of a bite registration (static and/or dynamic). In addition, different tooth databases could be used for the design of crowns. However, the relevant design suggestion had then to be manually aligned onto the functional(More)
The introduction of the Cerec 3D software (R 1500) promised the generation of functional occlusion points and proximal contacts on the basis of a 3-dimensional virtual model on the screen. The objective of this in vitro study was to check this claim in the simulated chairside production of a single tooth restoration. Furthermore, the differences both in(More)
The Cerec-3D software was introduced officially at the IDS 2003 with the version 2.00 R1000. The decisive difference compared with the preceding software generations was that the prepared tooth and the restoration were displayed three dimensionally. Thus, the virtual changes which could be made with the aid of editing tools could also be controlled and seen(More)
  • M Wichmann
  • Deutsche zahnärztliche Zeitschrift
  • 1990
To improve their esthetic appearance, clasps can be covered with veneer materials. The bonding strengths of the Silicoater/Dentacolor-, the 4-Meta-Meta-Color- and the Rocatec/Visio-Gem-Systems were sufficient for coating metal clasps with a thin layer of toothcoloured resin. Different aspects in processing make the Rocatec/Visio-Gem-System most qualified(More)
This study compares the accuracy of 23 impression materials. With each material seven impressions of a stainless steel master die were taken under standardized conditions. Characteristical dimensions of the master die and of the stone dies as well were determined by means of a CNC coordinate measuring device. Differences in prepared tooth heights ranged(More)
  • M Wichmann
  • Deutsche zahnärztliche Zeitschrift
  • 1991
The temperatures on the surface of human teeth during pulp vitality tests with frigen and carbon dioxide snow were recorded in an in vitro study. Frigen spray caused particularly rapid changes in temperature. The lowest temperature (-52 degrees C) was measured with CO2-snow (with a pressure of 9.81 N against the tooth surface). To obtain higher temperatures(More)
Although the use of osseointegrated Brånemark implants is associated with a high success rate, late losses of primarily osseointegrated implants have been observed again and again. In this study 50 patients were evaluated to clarify the effects of abutment position on late losses. The results have shown that implant position is less important for the loss(More)
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