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An effective computational technique for a class of Lane–Emden equations
In this work, we propose an effective numerical technique for a class of Lane–Emden equation which arises in chemistry and other branches. This technique is the combination of variational iterationExpand
A new class of operator monotone functions via operator means
In this paper, we obtain a new class of functions, which is developed via the Hermite–Hadamard inequality for convex functions. The well-known one-one correspondence between the class of operatorExpand
The interpolation and comparison of a matrix version of Heron mean, Fα(a,b) = (1 − α) √ ab + α a+b 2 , 0 6 α 6 1, a,b ∈ R + is considered by R. Bhatia in (1). We shall discuss the completeExpand
Contractive maps on operator ideals and norm inequalities II
Abstract Let ( I , ⦀ . ⦀ ) be a norm ideal of operators equipped with a unitarily invariant norm ⦀ . ⦀ . We exploit integral representations of certain functions to prove that certain ratios ofExpand
Existence of solutions for three-point BVPs arising in bridge design
This article deals with a class of three-point nonlinear boundaryvalue problems (BVPs) with Neumann type boundary conditions which arises in bridge design. The source term (nonlinear term) depends onExpand
Picard Type Iterative Scheme with Initial Iterates in Reverse Order for a Class of Nonlinear Three Point BVPs
We consider the following class of three point boundary value problem , , where , , the source term is Lipschitz and continuous. We use monotone iterative technique in the presence of upper and lowerExpand
Singular nonlinear three point BVPs arising in thermal explosion in a cylindrical reactor
In this work we deal with a nonlinear three point singular boundary value problems (SBVPs), when the nonlinearity depends upon derivative. We establish the maximum principles for linear model. ProveExpand
Maximum and anti-maximum principles for three point SBVPs and nonlinear three point SBVPs
We prove maximum and anti-maximum principle for the following differential inequalities, $$\begin{aligned}&-(x y'(x))'-\lambda x y(x)\ge 0 ,\quad 0<x<1,\\&y'(0)=0,\quad y(1)-\delta y(\eta )\ge 0,Expand
On a monotone iterative method for a class of three point nonlinear nonsingular BVPs with upper and lower solutions in reverse order
In this article we consider the following class of three point boundary value problem and use monotone iterative technique to derive some sufficient conditions of existence. Examples are included toExpand
Inequalities for hadamard product and unitarily invariant norms of matrices
The paper contains some general theorems for Hadamard product of matrices which in particular include Fiedler's Theorem and a better bound for an inequality on product of eigenvalues of certainExpand