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Lesions of the small bowel are notoriously difficult to diagnose, many only coming to light at laparotomy. At this hospital the small bowel enema has been used for radiology of the small bowel for many years. The procedure is uncomfortable for the patient, as intubation of the proximal small bowel is essential, and for the radiologist it can be very(More)
Under the current care delivery model, persons with chronic illnesses, such as diabetes, are not receiving all recommended interventions and failing to meet targeted outcomes. The Chronic Care Model provides a framework for new approaches and roles for many members of the multidisciplinary team. Using the Chronic Care Model as a guide, a group of(More)
Abstract—Today organizations are challenged to improve Internet Usage policy compliance in non-restrictive Internet environments. The two proposed methods (Internet Usage Policy re-release and a policy reminder email) are analyzed for their effectiveness in mitigating Internet Usage Policy non-compliance in this study. Going forward, similar(More)
This multicentric, open label, non-comparative study was designed to evaluate the extended spectrum of third generation oral cephalosporin, cefetamet pivoxyl in the treatment of patients with lower respiratory tract infections. This study was conducted among 111 patients with clinical, radiological and bacteriological findings consistent with the diagnosis.(More)
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