Mandeep S Singh

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BACKGROUND In patients undergoing percutaneous coronary intervention (PCI) in the modern era, the incidence and prognostic implications of acute renal failure (ARF) are unknown. METHODS AND RESULTS With a retrospective analysis of the Mayo Clinic PCI registry, we determined the incidence of, risk factors for, and prognostic implications of ARF (defined as(More)
BACKGROUND Previous randomized trials have shown that progesterone administration in women who previously delivered prematurely reduces the risk of recurrent premature delivery. Asymptomatic women found at midgestation to have a short cervix are at greatly increased risk for spontaneous early preterm delivery, and it is unknown whether progesterone reduces(More)
OBJECTIVES We sought to develop a simple risk score for predicting mortality after primary percutaneous coronary intervention (PCI) for acute myocardial infarction (AMI). BACKGROUND Accurate risk stratification after primary PCI is important. Previous risk scores after reperfusion therapy have incorporated clinical +/- angiographic variables but have not(More)
The Asynchronous Array of Simple Processors (AsAP) uses processor cores with small instruction and data memories to dramatically reduce area and power while increasing performance. Fig. 23.6.1 shows the architecture of an individual AsAP processor and the 6×6 array contained on the chip. Data enters the array through the upper left processor and exits from(More)
BACKGROUND & AIMS The risks of dysplasia and esophageal adenocarcinoma (EAC) are not clear for patients with nondysplastic Barrett's esophagus (NDBE); the rate of progression has been overestimated in previous studies. We studied the incidences of dysplasia and EAC and investigated factors associated with progression of BE. METHODS The BE study is a(More)
BACKGROUND The pathophysiology of the apical ballooning syndrome (ABS) is poorly understood. This study evaluated myocardial perfusion abnormalities at the time of presentation in patients with ABS and examined whether abnormal microvascular blood flow predicts the extent of myocardial injury. METHODS We evaluated 42 consecutive patients, all women, with(More)
A subretinal visual implant (Alpha IMS, Retina Implant AG, Reutlingen, Germany) was implanted in 29 blind participants with outer retinal degeneration in an international multicenter clinical trial. Primary efficacy endpoints of the study protocol were a significant improvement of activities of daily living and mobility to be assessed by activities of daily(More)
Cellulose nanofibrils of diameter 10-50nm were obtained from wheat straw using alkali steam explosion coupled with high shear homogenization. High shear results in shearing of the fiber agglomerates resulting in uniformly dispersed nanofibrils. The chemical composition of fibers at different stages were analyzed according to the ASTM standards and showed(More)
OBJECTIVES The aim of our study was to examine the trends in procedural success, in-hospital, and long-term outcomes after percutaneous coronary intervention (PCI) for chronic total occlusions (CTO) over the last 25 years from a single PCI registry and to examine the impact of drug-eluting stents. BACKGROUND The percutaneous treatment of CTO remains a(More)
OBJECTIVES This study sought to develop a model that predicts bleeding complications using an expanded bleeding definition among patients undergoing percutaneous coronary intervention (PCI) in contemporary clinical practice. BACKGROUND New knowledge about the importance of periprocedural bleeding combined with techniques to mitigate its occurrence and the(More)