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One of the more promising generator options for renewable energy sources such as wind energy is the brushless doubly fed reluctance generator. Various benefits include partial rating converter, absence of rotor winding and brushless operation, which makes it very interesting for investigation in detail for commercialization. This paper highlights certain(More)
Simple, robust construction of reluctance machine and simpler control needed for them have reignited interest in these machines. The constructional modifications and new configuration such as brushless doubly fed reluctance machines (BDFRM) show superior performance compared to traditional counterpart especially in variable speed applications such as pumps,(More)
In this paper a sliding mode control (SMC) technique is used for speed control of DC drive. Electrical Drives are used in modern industrial applications with the recent development in power electronics devices. The main feature of SMC is order reduction, decoupling design procedure, load disturbance reduction, and insensitivity to parameter variations(More)
The conventional reluctance machine is poor in performance. Researchers have tried to improve it and have come out with a brushless doubly fed reluctance machine (BDFRM) which can run as a motor or generator. This machine is an attractive alternative in variable speed drives and wind power generation. This paper therefore highlights certain design aspects(More)
Magnetizing inrush current in transformer results from any abrupt changes of the magnetizing voltage. When a transformer is first energized, a transient current up to 10 to 50 times larger than the rated transformer current can flow for several cycles. This current is called as magnetizing inrush current. Magnitude of this current is dependent on number of(More)
Hysteresis band current controller is proposed for active power filter (APF) to compensate power system harmonics. This control strategy is effective to make supply current sinusoidal. Shunt active power filter plays very vital role in harmonic elimination, which produces due to increase in non linear and unbalanced load, at a point of common coupling.(More)
Increased level of automation by using sophisticated equipment employing switched mode supplies, use of power electronic controllers and non-linear loads have increased disturbances and distortions in electric grid. These distorted utility conditions create additional problems of synchronization for line interactive power converters with grid. Further(More)
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