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SUMMARY Future exascale systems are expected to adopt compute nodes that incorporate many accelerators. To shed some light on the upcoming software challenge, this paper investigates the particular topic of programming clusters that have multiple Xeon Phi coprocessors in each compute node. A new offload approach is considered for intra-node communication,(More)
In this paper, Software system reliability allocation during the software product design phase of SDLC .A system is made up several elements or components in simple or complex systems. We used Architecture-based approach for modeling software reliability optimization problem, on this basis a dynamic programming has been used to allocate the reliability to(More)
In an architecture-based software system Reliability allocation to different sizes of components plays a major role throughout the software product design phase, which has close relation ship with cost and reliability of software. In this paper dynamic programming algorithm is used to allocate the reliability and cost of each component for designing(More)
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