Manasvi Talluri

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This study was carried out using thin sections, lanthanum tracing, and freeze-cleaving in order to investigate the Sertoli cell junctions of rat testis in vivo and their maintenance in culture. The presence of a new type of membrane specialization has been revealed. This consists of a close association between tight junctions and nexuses. The Sertoli cell(More)
ACKNOWLEDGEMENTS During the past year, I have developed deep interest in the concept of Influence Maximization in Social Networks. I would like to express my gratitude to all those who gave the encouragement in completing this Thesis successfully. I would like to thank my advisor Dr. Jing (Selena) He for her support and encouragement. She helped me(More)
Agile development has been gaining momentum over the year. It practices are perceived by some to be the best for software development. This work investigates agile best development and managerial practices, specially the benefits for optimizing the development process. Throughout this work, real-world scenarios were considered to give suggestions and(More)
The ultrastructure of the alimentary tract of Toxocara canis infective larvae, with emphasis on the buccal cavity and vestibular-esophageal region, is described. The buccal opening which extends to the vestibule is lined by a thick cuticle. Between the buccal opening and the vestibule there are three cuticular projections which might function either as a(More)
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