Manasij Venkatesh

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We propose a bilateral filter with a locally controlled domain kernel for directional edge-preserving smoothing. Traditional bilateral filters use a range kernel, which is responsible for edge preservation, and a fixed domain kernel that performs smoothing. Our intuition is that orientation and anisotropy of image structures should be incorporated into the(More)
The purpose of this paper is to propose a method to estimate the location of the vehicle within a road around a horizontal axis from the bird's eye perspective. This method uses a road heuristic - the edge length of the road, in order to localize a vehicle within the road. The method aims to determine erratic vehicle steering on roads using a single camera(More)
Economic load dispatch is the process of allocating the required load demand between the available generating units such that the cost of operation is minimized. There have been many algorithms proposed for economic dispatch such as genetic algorithm, particle swarm optimization, and differential evolution. Out of which a simulated annealing (SA) was found(More)
We design a dictionary in which speech signals have a sparse representation. We utilize the property that speech is comprised of a fixed number of phonemes. The dictionary is a concatenation of the principal components of all these phonemes, and hence information about each phoneme is present in a block. Since any speech signal is a concatenation of(More)
—We describe a method for classification of handwritten Kannada characters using Hidden Markov Models (HMMs). Kannada script is agglutinative, where simple shapes are concatenated horizontally to form a character. This results in a large number of characters making the task of classification difficult. Character segmentation plays a significant role in(More)
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