Manasi Sheth-Chandra

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Two human-in-the-loop simulation experiments were conducted in coordinated fashion to investigate the allocation of separation assurance functions between ground and air and between humans and automation. The experiments modeled a mixed-operations concept in which aircraft receiving groundbased separation services shared the airspace with aircraft providing(More)
OBJECTIVES We sought to evaluate the success of prehospital, non-drug-assisted endotracheal intubation (ETI) performed by Virginia prehospital care providers and to develop a model designed to predict the probability of success of ETI. METHODS We conducted a retrospective observational study on prehospital, non-drug-assisted ETI (N=4002) performed by(More)
Children have unique medical needs compared to adults. Emergency medical services personnel need proper equipment and training to care for children. The purpose of this study is to characterize emergency medical services pediatric basic life support to help better understand the needs of children transported by ambulance. Pediatric basic life support(More)
When mass fatality incidents (MFIs) occur, they can quickly overwhelm local, state, and government agencies, resources, and personnel. It is important to have a rapid and effective response with skilled, multidisciplinary victim identification teams since specific skill sets are necessary to participate in mass fatality preparedness and response. The aims(More)
Air quality is an important determinant of public health and quality of life. A secondary data analysis was carried out to investigate trends and air quality in Virginia. The analysis included an evaluation of two major air pollution source categories, emission of criteria and hazardous air pollutants, ambient concentrations of criteria pollutants, ozone(More)
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