Manasi S. Shah

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The assumption underlying current diabetes treatment is that lowering the level of time-averaged glucose concentrations, measured as HbA1c, prevents microvascular complications. However, 89% of variation in risk of retinopathy, microalbuminuria, or albuminuria is due to elements of glycemia not captured by mean HbA1c values. We show that transient exposure(More)
Several studies have demonstrated that there are genetic influences on free-choice oral nicotine consumption in mice. In order to establish the genetic architecture that underlies individual differences in free-choice nicotine consumption, quantitative trait loci (QTL) mapping was used to identify chromosomal regions that influence free-choice nicotine(More)
The purpose of this study is to apply the Human Security Index (HSI) as a tool to detect social and economic cumulative risk burden at a county-level in the state of Texas. The HSI is an index comprising a network of three sub-components or "fabrics"; the Economic, Environmental, and Social Fabrics. We hypothesized that the HSI will be a useful instrument(More)
Artificial Neural Networks (ANN) have been used in stock prediction extensively as it provides better results than other techniques. In this paper, different architectures of ANN, namely, simple feed forward back propagation neural network (FFBPNN), Elman Recurrent Network, Radial Basis Function network (RBFN) are implemented and tested to predict the stock(More)
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