Manasi Chakraborty

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Undernutrition is the major threat to the health and well-being of preschool children in India. To assess the prevalence of undernutrition along with the risk factors among 1-3 years children, a community-based cross-sectional study was undertaken in villages served by Matigara sub-centre in Darjeeling district of West Bengal, India. Anthropometric(More)
BACKGROUND In India, 67,500 infants acquire HIV infection yearly due to mother to child transmission. OBJECTIVE The objective was to assess the operational aspect of the Prevention of Parent to Child Transmission (PPTCT) program in a tertiary care hospital and explore its bottleneck. MATERIALS AND METHODS A 5-year (2004-2008) prospective evaluation(More)
The overall prevalence of dental caries was found to be 57.47 percent in an urban slum irrespective of sex, with a maximum of 75.88 percent in the age group of 5-9 years. Habit of taking hard and sticky food, bad oral hygiene were some of the important epidemiological correlates. Fluoride content of drinking water did not show any significant role.
A cross-sectional study carried out among 370 school-going children of the Nepali community, aged 5-10 years, in the Siliguri subdivision of Darjeeling district revealed the prevalence of parasitic infestation to be 51.4 per cent of which 28.2% and 23.2% had single and multiple parasitism respectively. In the group of single parasitism, A. lumbricoides was(More)
A hospital based cross sectional study for one year done among 57 diagnosed and admitted septic abortion cases, revealed that 71.9% septic abortions were performed by untrained persons, 63.2% mothers were illiterate, 22.8% mothers were in adolescent age group. Exploratory Laparotomy was needed in 46.3% cases and important complications for referring were(More)
A cross sectional study was conducted from February - May 2009 with the objectives to find out profile of injuries among municipal primary school children in Siliguri, West Bengal and to identify the related factor associated with injury. 20% of total primary schools under municipal corporation of the town were selected and a pre-designed, pre-tested(More)
One hundred and seventy-five cases of clinically diagnosed rheumatoid arthritis, 82 non-rheumatoid cases suffering from various other diseases and 40 healthy normal controls were investigated for detection of rheumatoid factor, quantitation of serum immunoglobulin, demonstration of antinuclear antibody (ANA) and LE cell phenomenon. Microlatex agglutination(More)
Health workforce includes clinically trained health professionals, health management and support workers. Imbalance in health workforce is a major challenge, as its size and quality positively determine country’s ability to meet its goals of organizing and delivering health services, like immunization coverage, outreach of primary care etc. Unfortunately,(More)