Manasi Bhattacharyya

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Despite the use of state of the art methods to protect against malicious programs, they continue to threaten and damage computer systems around the world. In this paper we present MET, the Malicious Email Tracking system, designed to automatically report statistics on the flow behavior of malicious software delivered via email attachments both at a local(More)
We present Malicious Email Filter, MEF, a freely distributed malicious binary filter incorporated into Procmail that can detect malicious Windows attachments by integrating with a UNIX mail server. The system has three capabilities: detection of known and unknown malicious attachments, tracking the propagation of malicious attachments and efficient model(More)
Authentication and trust management in an adhoc network is a challenging task. Cryptography and other hard approaches do not provide a quantitative measurement of trust. Also, trust assignment to a new node having no history of any previous transaction had not been concrete. Human society authenticates people dynamically. This paper proposes a new strategy(More)
Conjoint analysis (CA) is a popular marketer's tool for new product design. Quality function deployment (QFD) is another approach, frequently used by engineers, for design of new product. Typically, in a conjoint study, the attributes and their levels are determined through focus group discussion or market survey. On many occasions, the researchers leave(More)
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