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Albeit alterations in serum lipid profile patterns have long been associated with malignancies, still role of these alterations remains controversial. It has been suggested a causative relationship might exist between plasma lipid levels and oral cancer patients. Further, the habit of tobacco consumption is on the rise and most often the oral cancer(More)
Digital libraries focused on developing humanities resources for both scholarly and popular audiences face the challenge of bringing together digital resources built by scholars from different disciplines and subsequently integrating and presenting them. This challenge becomes more acute as libraries grow, both in terms of size and organizational(More)
INTRODUCTION The retromolar pad also called piriformis papilla is a mucosal elevation located in the retromolar area covering the retromolar triangle. After molar loss, the bony alveolar process and surrounding soft periodontal tissue remodel, mainly resorb and blend with retromolar pad. It is a key intraoral landmark in prosthodontics. AIM The aim of(More)
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