Manas Sangworasil

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In this paper, a multi-channel electromyogram acquisition system using programmable system on chip (PSOC) microcontroller was used to obtain the surface of EMG signal. Two pairs of single-channel surface electrodes were used to measure and record the EMG signal on forearm muscles. Then, different levels of Daubechies Wavelet family were performed to analyze(More)
This paper presents a novel method for identification of the position of the optic disc in retinal images. The method is based on the preliminary detection of the main edge detection of retinal image. The segmentation optic disc is estimated as a circular area. We searched for areas of optic disc using Hough transform which detected several straight lines(More)
In this paper, we have adopted a novel method for 3D-shape reconstruction. We derived a volumetric data which is constructed from a stack of cross-section images-the so-called tomographic image. Each of the cross-section images is computed from a series of photographs taken at a number of angles around the object. A corresponding intensity profile (row) on(More)
The technology of embedding image data into the audio signal and additive audio watermarking algorithm based on SNR to determine a scaling parameter was researched. The audio based on DWT. The intensity of embedded watermarks on the original audio signal is modified by adaptively modulation of the scaling parameter. Experimental result demonstrate that the(More)
Image registrations have been a subject of extensive study over the last decade. They appear in numerous applications including Computer Vision, Pattern Recognition, Medical Image Analysis and Remotely Sensed Image Processing. We introduce a non-iterative geometric-based method to register an image using a novel set of geometric landmarks residing on an(More)
A design of the various control devices with a DMX512 Protocol is widely used in many areas, such as decorative lighting for both inside and outside of the building, or stage lighting and equipment control, such as spot light, smoke machine, strobe light, moving light. This article presents the creation of Embedded DMX512 Controller using FPGA with Real(More)
In this work, quartz crystal microbalance humidity sensor was fabricated by inkjet printing technique. Poly (3, 4-ethylenedioxythiophene)/poly-styrene-sulfonic acid (PEDOT/PSS), one of the most widely used polymer composites, was printed on QCM electrode as sensing layer using Dimatrix material inkjet printer. The main advantage of this coating method is(More)
In this work, an array of quartz crystal microbalance (QCM) sensors is fabricated on a single quartz crystal substrate and attached with poly(dimethylsiloxane) (PDMS) micro chamber for using in flow-injection system. The Cr/Au electrode array is deposited on both side of quartz substrate by sputtering through electroplated microshadow mask. PDMS micro(More)