Manas Ranjan Nayak

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— The major problem faced by an Optical Character Recognizer (OCR) can be attributed to the presence of a large number of broken characters in a digital document image. Recognition of such documents accurately, that contain abundant broken characters still remains a challenge to most of the OCR solutions. Multi Layer Feed Forward Neural Network Classifier(More)
Fuzzy Logic Controller (FLC) can be used in a cricket bowling machine to increase the variations of a throw with in a fuzzy range of parameters. Bowling machine controlled by an FLC enables a coach to specify the range of parameters which replicate a particular manner of bowling. Each time the FLC generates a different crisp value out of the specified fuzzy(More)
—Edge detection is a fundamentally important operation in image processing. It is the foundation of feature extraction and image information interpretation. It gives a description of the curvature of objects in an image. In this work, a tool has been developed for accurate edge detection. The tool has been developed in Java language which is applet based;(More)
This paper presents an automatic detection of handwritten Bengali Broken Characters (BBC) using a feed forward neural network (FFNN). It simulates the Human Visual System (HVS) the way human eye matches the patterns of the broken characters to a meaningful character and identifies it. Here the challenge is to detect and retrieve handwritten character which(More)
Water purification systems must be validated to insure that the specified quality of water is consistently produced for use of all purpose as well as formulation, production, analysis, drinking cleaning and to solve the problems arising in the purification system. Validation of water purification system was performed in three phases by applying various(More)
The objective of optimal feeder reconfiguration of radial distribution system problem is to obtain the best set of branches to be opened, one each from each loop, such that the resulting radial distribution system has the desired performance. This paper presents a feeder reconfiguration problem in the presence of distributed generators to minimize the(More)
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