Manas Ranjan Dikhit

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Visceral leishmaniasis or kala-azar is a potent parasitic infection causing death of thousands of people each year. Medicinal compounds currently available for the treatment of kala-azar have serious side effects and decreased efficacy owing to the emergence of resistant strains. The type of immune reaction is also to be considered in patients infected with(More)
Identification of different protein functions facilitates a mechanistic understanding of Japanese encephalitis virus (JEV) infection and opens novel means for drug development. Support vector machines (SVM), useful for predicting the functional class of distantly related proteins, is employed to ascribe a possible functional class to Japanese encephalitis(More)
β-lactam antibiotics are utilised to treat bacterial infection. β-lactamase enzymes (EC are produced by several bacteria and are responsible for their resistance to β-lactam antibiotics like penicillin, cephamycins and carbapenems. New Delhi Metallo-β-lactamase (NDM-1) is a gene that makes bacteria resistant to β-lactam antibiotics. Preparing a(More)
Iron-Sulfur (Fe-S) proteins are involved in many biological functions such as electron transport, photosynthesis, regulation of gene expression and enzymatic activities. Biosynthesis and transfer of Fe-S clusters depend on Fe-S clusters assembly processes such as ISC, SUF, NIF, and CIA systems. Unlike other eukaryotes which possess ISC and CIA systems,(More)
A complete understanding of different protein functional families and template information opens new avenues for novel drug development. Protein identification and analysis software performs a central role in the investigation of proteins and leads to the development of refined database for description of proteins of different Leishmania strains. There are(More)
UNLABELLED Databases containing proteomic information have become indispensable for virology studies. As the gap between the amount of sequence information and functional characterization widens, increasing efforts are being directed to the development of databases. For virologist, it is therefore desirable to have a single data collection point which(More)
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