Manas R. Patra

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The unprecedented increase in usage and dependence on the internet, has led to a flood of security attacks on computing infrastructure. Moreover, the attacks are also becoming more and more sophisticated. Even though wide varieties of IDS are available today, they are unable to address challenges that surround different types of attacks. Most of these IDS(More)
With recent advances in network based technology and increased dependability of our everyday life on this technology, assuring reliable operation of network based system is very important. Signature based intrusion detection systems cannot detect new attacks. These systems are the most used and developed ones. Current anomaly based intrusion detection(More)
A cloud storage mechanism repressed a storage device design and cloud based protocols. Cloud storage architecture can be exposed design for remote method access through cloud storage device. Cloud storage is a centralized data distribution center meant for authorized clients, among them cloud data will share towards different clients as apiece their(More)
In recent days it becomes very difficult task to manage security on large network and practically not possible to keep security scanner on every networks for protecting the system from illegal users. This problem can be solved with prevention systems which come in strategic role of Intrusion Prevention Systems that is taken as extended and enhanced version(More)
As computers are pervading in all aspects of life with advancement of technology, a growing demand is being felt for low-cost, huge computational need. Grid computing paradigm provides an attractive alternative where enormous computational and data processing and management power can be generated at a much cheaper budget by means of large scale sharing of(More)
Intrusion Detection Systems are the network security mechanism that monitors network and system activities for malicious actions. It becomes indispensable tool to keep information system safe and reliable. The primary goal of intrusion detection is to model usual application behaviour, so that we can recognize attacks by their peculiar effects without(More)
Tuning the performance of applications is a well studied field for parallel systems where the underlying architecture is known along with the interconnection pattern. The challenge of developers lies in effective utilization of application characteristics on specific architecture that leads to efficient deployment. But this process is highly manual(More)
Desktop grids are usually equipped with hundreds or thousands of desktops which use the idle cycles of desktop PCs of small enterprises and institutions. From conventional multi-site cluster grids, desktop grids vary markedly in terms of their dynamic nature. In terms of their dynamic nature such grids vary markedly from conventional grids]. This causes the(More)
Now-a-days all the major business activities of an enterprise are driven by complex networks. Despite the fact that diversified networking technologies are implemented, the networks have become leaky. Hence networks are becoming more vulnerable and as a result attacks on networks are intensifying. Although firewalls and routers are deployed, they are not(More)