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In this paper, a stream cipher based symmetric key cryptographic technique based on Chen prime number has been proposed. The proposed technique is suitable for encryption and decryption of a large number of files of almost any type. A symmetric key is formed by the sender directly from the plain text using Chen prime number. Then a symmetric key value is(More)
In this paper a session based symmetric key encryption system has been proposed and is termed as Permutated Cipher Technique (PCT). This technique is more fast, suitable and secure for larger files. In this technique the input file is broken down into blocks of various sizes (of 2^n order) and encrypted by shifting the position of each bit by a certain(More)
In this paper, we propose a session based bit level symmetric key cryptographic technique and it is termed as Spiral Matrix Based Bit Orientation Technique (SMBBOT). SMBBOT consider the input plain text as binary bit stream. During encryption this stream is chopped into manageable sized blocks with variable lengths. Bits of these blocks are taken from MSB(More)
In this technical paper a session based symmetric key cryptographic technique, termed as SBSKCT, has been proposed. This proposed technique is very secure and suitable for encryption of large files of any type. SBSKCT considers the plain text as a string with finite no. of binary bits. This input binary string is broken down into blocks of various sizes (of(More)
An optimal algorithm for scheduling interval ordered tasks with communication on n processors. a maximum cardinality matching in a bipartite graph in time O(n 1.5 m/ log n). equal-length tasks under treelike precedence constraints to minimize maximum lateness. A polynomial algorithm to optimally schedule tasks on a virtual distributed system under tree-like(More)
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