Manaoj Kumar Dwivedi

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The field experiments were conducted at the Indian Agricultural Research Institute, New Delhi, India for 3 years from 2001–2002 to 2003–2004 to study the relative efficiency of diammonium phosphate (DAP) and Mussoorie rock phosphate along with phosphorus solubilizing bacteria inoculation (MRP + PSB) at different rates of application on productivity and(More)
Discharge of dye effluents into the natural streams may be toxic to the aquatic lives as well as human being. In the present studies, zeolite was synthesized from coal fly ash by alkaline hydrothermal treatment and mixed with magnetite nanoparticles in suspension to produce zeolite-iron oxide magnetic nanocomposite. It was used as adsorbent for the removal(More)
Various characteristics of mesomorphism can be explained using intermolecular interactions between a pair of liquid crystalline molecules. The intermolecular interactions have been calculated considering multipole-multicentere expansion method and modified by second order perturbation treatments. For calculation of multipole i.e. charge, dipole, etc. at(More)
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