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Various neurotrophic factors that promote axonal regeneration have been investigated in vivo, but the signals that prompt neurons to send out processes in peripheral nerves after axotomy are not well understood. Previously, we have shown oxidized galectin-1 (GAL-1/Ox) promotes initial axonal growth after axotomy in peripheral nerves. However, the mechanism(More)
A major obstacle to the early diagnosis of language loss and to the assessment of language maintenance efforts is the absence of an easy-to-use psycholinguistic measure of language strength. In this paper, we describe and discuss a body-part naming task being developed as part of the Hawai'i Assessment of Language Access (HALA) project. This task, like the(More)
1. Introduction With the progress of ageing society, the number of blind patients due to retinitis pigmentosa (RP) and age-related macular degeneration (AMD) is dramatically increasing. However, medical cures for these diseases have not yet been established. In the retina of these blind patients, photoreceptor cells that convert optical signal into(More)
We report on two experiments that ask when and under what linguistic conditions comprehenders construct detailed shape representations of mentioned objects, and whether these can change over the course of a sentence when new information contradicts earlier expectations. We used Japanese because the verb-final word order of Japanese presented a revealing(More)
Language comprehenders can mentally simulate perceptual and motor features of scenes they hear or read about (Barsalou, 1999; Glenberg & Kaschak, 2002; Zwaan, Stanfield, & Yaxley, 2002). Recent research shows that these simulations adopt a particular perspective (Borghi, Glenberg, & Kaschak, 2004; Brunyé, Ditman, Mahoney, Augustyn, & Taylor, 2009).(More)
People speak metaphorically about abstract concepts-for instance, a person can be "full of love" or "have a lot of love to give." Over the past decade, research has begun to focus on how metaphors are processed during language comprehension. Much of this work suggests that understanding a metaphorical expression involves activating brain and body systems(More)
What are the consequences of narrative style for the cognitive operations that comprehenders perform? Third person narratives can adopt different voices. Omniscient voice has access to the mental states of characters, while objective voice only describes how characters would appear to an observer. It's currently unknown what cognitive consequences different(More)
The notes and articles in this series are progress reports on work being carried on by students and faculty in the Department. Because these papers are not finished products, readers are asked not to cite from them without noting their preliminary nature. The authors welcome any comments and suggestions that readers might offer. A major challenge in(More)
Maternal behavior in mice is considered to be sexually dimorphic; that is, females show maternal care for their offspring, whereas this behavior is rarely shown in males. Here, we examined how social isolation affects the interaction of adult male mice with pups. Three weeks of isolation during puberty (5-8 weeks old) induced retrieving and crouching when(More)