Manami Masubuchi

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1. Complex carbohydrate fractions were extracted successively with 40% aqueous EDTA (pH 7.4) and 6M urea (PH 7.8) FROM ACETONE-DRIED bone powder of rabbit femur. 2. The carbohydrate fraction extracted with EDTA (E=Fr) was separated into five fractions,D1approximatelyD5 by DEAE-Dephadex A-50 column chromatography. Chemical and infrared spectral analyses, and(More)
Various types of circulating tumor cell (CTC) detection systems have recently been developed that show a high CTC detection rate. However, it is a big challenge to find a system that can provide better prognostic value than CellSearch in head-to-head comparison. We have developed a novel semi-automated CTC enumeration system (fluidic cell microarray chip(More)
To elucidate precise chemical nature of urinary keratan sulfate (KS) of Morquio's disease, crude glycosaminoglycans (GAG) were separated from 24-hr urines of 3 patients with Morquio's disease and from pooled urine of a healthy boy, using cetylpyridinium chloride. KS fractions were then separated from the crude GAG after removal of other GAG and acidic(More)
A highly specific, sensitive and reproducible high-performance liquid chromatographic method was developed for the determination of a new H2-receptor antagonist, N-[3-[3-(piperidinomethyl)phenoxy]propyl]-2-(2- hydroxyethylthio)acetamide.2-(4-hydroxybenzoyl)benzoate(Z-300), in rat, dog and human plasma, Z-300 base was isolated from the plasma using a(More)
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