Manall F Jaffery

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Polymerase chain reaction (PCR) and newer serologic assays for hepatitis C virus (HCV) were used to investigate 19 HCV cross-challenge episodes in chimpanzees. In these cross-challenges, 59% showed seroconversion after challenge, 33% showed reappearance of HCV-associated hepatocellular ultrastructural changes, 5 animals not PCR-positive at the time of(More)
Skeletal muscle blood flow is attenuated in aged humans performing dynamic exercise, which is due, in part, to impaired local vasodilatory mechanisms. Recent evidence suggests that folic acid improves cutaneous vasodilation during localized and whole-body heating through nitric oxide-dependent mechanisms. However, it is unclear if folic acid improves(More)
BACKGROUND It is unclear how high-protein (HP) and high-monounsaturated fat (HMF) meals affect postprandial blood lipids and lipoprotein particle numbers (LPN). PURPOSE To compare a HP versus a HMF meal on postprandial lipid and LPN responses. METHODS Twenty-four participants (age: 36.3±15.0 years; body mass index: 23.6±2.0 kg/m2; 45.8% female) were fed(More)
The effect of menu labels on food choices is unknown in Hispanics. This study evaluated the impact of menu labels on calories and macronutrients ordered in Hispanics. 372 Hispanics (18-65 years) were randomly assigned to menus with no labels (NL) (n=127), rank-ordered calorie labels plus a statement on energy needs per meal (CL) (n=123), or rank-ordered(More)
BACKGROUND When rotigotine patch was withdrawn from the US market, we prospectively gathered data on efficacy, side effects, and daytime sedation on patients while taking rotigotine and following the switch to alternate therapies. METHODS Patients rated the efficacy of rotigotine on a scale of 0-5 (ineffective to extremely effective) and completed the(More)
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