Manali Chakraborty

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Abstr act. An Intrusion Detection System (IDS) detects malicious and selfish nodes in a network. Ad hoc networks are often secured by using either intrusion detection or by secure routing. Designing efficient IDS for wireless ad-hoc networks that would not affect the performance of the network significantly is indeed a challenging task. Arguably, the most(More)
Multi-path routing protocols are used for different types of wireless networks primarily to enhance reliability of packet delivery. The frequency of route discovery is also less for multi-path routing protocols as these are more fault-tolerant. However, the overhead of route discovery in terms of congestion and energy requirement is much higher for(More)
Smart Grid is an integrated power grid with a reliable, communication network running in parallel towards providing two way communications in the grid. It's trivial to mention that a network like this would connect a huge number of IP-enabled devices. IPv6 that offers 18-bit address space becomes an obvious choice in this context. In a smart grid,(More)
In this paper we propose a method for automating the process of detecting regions of motion in a video sequence in real time. The main idea of this work is to detect motion based on both structure and color. The detection using structure is carried out with the aid of information gathered from the Census Transform computed on gradient images based on Sobel(More)
Wireless mesh networks (WMNs) are proliferating as one of the key technologies of the next-generation networks. Security is one of the prime concerns towards actual implementation of any network technology for commercial applications. Network security has intrinsically two approaches—prevention based and detection based. Implementing firewalls or intrusion(More)
Smart Grid (SG) is an intelligent and adaptive energy delivery network that combines the traditional power grid and IT communication network. It aims to provide more efficient, better fault-resilient and reliable energy support. Robust communication architecture is the key that differentiates Smart Grid from the traditional energy delivery system. IP(More)
The domain of wireless networks is inherently vulnerable to attacks due to the unreliable wireless medium. Such networks can be secured from intrusions using either prevention or detection schemes. This paper focuses its study on intrusion detection rather than prevention of attacks. As attackers keep on improvising too, an active prevention method alone(More)
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