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Does order matter? Effect of order in group recommendation
Abstract Recommendation Systems (RS) are gaining popularity and they are widely used for dealing with information on education, e-commerce, travel planning, entertainment etc . Recommender SystemsExpand
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Recent developments in social spam detection and combating techniques: A survey
Social networking and instant multimedia communication is integral to online existence.Spamming is a new menace in messaging, blogs, video sites, internet telephony etc.The article surveys recentExpand
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Harnessing Evolution of Multi-Turn Conversations for Effective Answer Retrieval
With the improvements in speech recognition and voice generation technologies over the last years, a lot of companies have sought to develop conversation understanding systems that run on mobileExpand
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Contextual Suggestion using tag-description similarity
In this paper, we present our approach for the Contextual Suggestion track of 2015 Text REtrieval Conference (TREC). The task aims at providing recommendations on points of attraction for differentExpand
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Predicting Relevant Conversation Turns for Improved Retrieval in Multi-Turn Conversational Search
This technical report presents the work of Università della Svizzera italiana in TREC CAsT 2019. TREC CAsT was set up to advance research on conversational search systems. The goal of the track is toExpand
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What the user does not want?: query reformulation through term inclusion-exclusion
In information retrieval, keyword-based queries often fail to capture actual information need, especially when the need is very specific and particular. Using natural language, however, a user canExpand
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Employing open-web for Contextual Suggestion using tag-tag similarity
The TREC 2016 Contextual Suggestion task aims at providing recommendations on points of attraction for different kind of users and a varying context. Our group DPLAB IITBHU tries to recommendExpand
Using Sort-Union to Enhance Economically-Efficient Sentiment Stream Analysis
Sentiment drifts due to people changing their opinions instantly on microblogs e.g. Twitter, are a major challenge in sentiment analysis. In this paper, we have developed a method that selects mostExpand
Forecasting Patent Growth by Combining Time-Series Signals Using Covariance Patterns
Bibliometrics has been employed previously with patents for technological forecasting. The primary challenge that technological forecasting faces is early-stage identification of technologies withExpand
Your Click Matters: Enhancing Click-based Image Retrieval performance through Collaborative Filtering
Image retrieval has been an active research area since the early days of computing. While ensemble, multimodal and hybrid methods coupled with machine learning has seen an upward surge replacingExpand