Manabu Shinohara

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In recent years, there have been many studies of digital watermarking as one of the way to protect the copyrights of digital content. It is required for digital watermarking method that the watermark is perceptually invisible and robust against various kinds of attacks. In this paper, we propose a digital watermarking method based on the noise masking(More)
There is a demand for autonomous driving control in front-wheel steering vehicles because it is expected to make driving safer and easier and also to reduce the driving workload. In order to perform safe driving with autonomous driving control, it is necessary to consider unexpected disturbances when the vehicle is moving and that tire forces have(More)
Epilepsy is characterized by an unexpected and frequent electrical disturbance ofthe brain. Electrical activity in the brain has been studied for years in an attempt to detect and predict seizures; unforfunately, the incidence of an epileptic seizure is not predictable and its process is not fully understood yet. This study evaluates raw intracranial(More)
The aim of this study is to develop an automated algorithm that determines patterns of dynamic brain U"tuuior during monitoring of epileptic seizures. The goal is to interpret and characterize subdural EEG activities *t it" fo"*ing-on behaviJral pattems recorded from channels that lead to seizureThe software implemented *orfA U" genJral both in its(More)
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