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We propose a method for extracting semantic orientations of words: desirable or undesirable. Regarding semantic ori-entations as spins of electrons, we use the mean field approximation to compute the approximate probability function of the system instead of the intractable actual probability function. We also propose a criterion for parameter selection on(More)
In this study, we investigated whether components of pomegranate could inhibit CYP3A-mediated drug metabolism. The ability of pomegranate to inhibit the carbamazepine 10,11-epoxidase activity of CYP3A was examined using human liver microsomes, and pomegranate juice was shown to be a potent inhibitor of human CYP3A. Addition of 25 microl (5.0% v/v) of(More)
We are investigating automatic generation of a review (or survey) article in a specific subject domain. In a research paper, there are passages where the author describes the essence of a cited paper and the differences between the current paper and the cited paper (we call them citing areas). These passages can be considered as a kind of summary of the(More)
Document sentiment classification is a task to classify a document according to the positive or negative polarity of its opinion (favorable or unfavorable). We propose using syntactic relations between words in sentences for document sentiment classification. Specifically, we use text mining techniques to extract frequent word sub-sequences and dependency(More)
We discuss text summarization in terms of maximum coverage problem and its variant. We explore some decoding algorithms including the ones never used in this sum-marization formulation, such as a greedy algorithm with performance guarantee, a randomized algorithm, and a branch-and-bound method. On the basis of the results of comparative experiments, we also(More)
Patent corpus processing should be centered around patent claim processing because claims are the most important part in patent specifications. It is common that claims written in Japanese are described in one sentence with peculiar style and wording and are difficult to understand for ordinary people. The peculiarity is caused by structural complexity of(More)
There has been very limited information on the capacities of tropical fruits to inhibit human cytochrome P450 3A (CYP3A) activity. Thus, the inhibitory effects of tropical fruits on midazolam 1'-hydroxylase activity of CYP3A in human liver microsomes were evaluated. Eight tropical fruits such as common papaw, dragon fruit, kiwi fruit, mango, passion fruit,(More)
We propose a machine learning based method of sentiment classification of sentences using word-level polarity. The polarities of words in a sentence are not always the same as that of the sentence, because there can be polarity-shifters such as negation expressions. The proposed method models the polarity-shifters. Our model can be trained in two different(More)
Many methods of text summarization combining sentence selection and sentence compression have recently been proposed. Although the dependency between words has been used in most of these methods, the dependency between sentences , i.e., rhetorical structures, has not been exploited in such joint methods. We used both dependency between words and dependency(More)